We'd first like to thank each and every one of our loyal buyers and sellers on CSGOFloat, who have now sold more than $15,000,000 in skins on the platform!

As part of our commitment to serving our users with the most competitive fees in the industry, we will be revising our fee structure.

Fee Changes

CSGOFloat Market is switching to a much lower static 2% seller sale fee.

That's right, trade to your hearts content with the lowest fees in the industry without having to purchase any add-ons, sell at least $X amount in skins, or deal with BS.

Using this, you can buy and sell skins repeatedly and only ever pay a 2% seller fee on skins you sell.

If you decide to later withdraw your funds to your bank account, crypto, or Stripe, there will be a 0.5% to 2.5% withdraw fee depending on sale volume. This ensures that you will never pay more than your sales fee before, even if you immediately withdraw proceeds from a sale.

Note: You don't have to pay a withdraw fee if you choose to buy a skin instead with your CSGOFloat Funds.

Depending on your trading activity, this change may significantly lower your fees, especially if you buy and sell items repeatedly. If you typically sell an item and immediately withdraw to your bank/crypto, you may not notice much change in fees.

Comparison to Other CS:GO Markets

Marketplace Sales Fee Withdraw Fee
CSGOFloat 2.0% 0.5-2.5%
Skinport 12% 0%
Bitskins 5-15% ~3%
Buff.Market 4.5% 1%
DMarket 7.0% 0-2%
Skinbaron 15% ~0%
CS.Deals 2% ~2%
Swap.gg 5% 0%
Steam Market 15% N/A

We continue to have the most competitive fees in the CS:GO market industry and strive to have the best selection for buyers, especially in rare CS:GO skins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I pay more in fees with this change? No, depending on your trading activity, your fees may be much lower than before.

What about my existing skins that are listed but not sold? They will automatically use the new lower fee structure when they sell.


We hope you enjoy the new fee structure and that it helps you on your CS:GO trading journey!

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