To add to the holiday cheer, we're excited to share that all the FloatDB CSGOFloat Premium features are now available to everyone for free!


  • Infinite loading (load more than 200 results)
  • Increased searching limits
  • Item History
  • Duplicate skins data
  • Enhanced Searching (Newest ID, Oldest ID, Recently Updated, Min Age, Max Age, Collection, Only Filters)
  • Instant Market Links
  • Steam Market Pricing

What If I Already Had Premium?

If you've already purchased premium for the current month, you will still have a lower withdrawal fee of 1.5% until your premium subscription expires. Your subscription will NOT be renewed at the end of 30 days.

If you've recently purchased CSGOFloat Premium and do not feel you'll use the lower withdraw fees, let us know over support and we'll make it right :)

In Closing

We'd again like to thank our users for their loyal support and hope this change helps out traders :)

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