First off, we'd like to thank our 500,000+ users who've bought and sold over $20,000,000 in skins on CSGOFloat Market – we never thought we'd reach this milestone.

We're excited to announce some changes that will help us continue to deliver amazing features at the most competitive fees in the industry. We've been working hard behind the scenes for months to streamline our operations and pave the way for the next stage of growth for CSGOFloat.

We're thrilled to share that CSGOFloat is furthering our partnership with Stripe. Going forward, all payments (deposits and withdraws) will be processed through them. This brings you lower fees on deposits and withdraws, bank transfer deposits, debit card payouts, better support, and more!

If you don't already know, Stripe is a payment processor that handles $500B+ in payments for companies such as Amazon, Lyft, Slack, and Google.


  • The balance system is staying the same
  • Deposits
    • Credit/Debit card deposits will now have 20% cheaper fees (2.8% instead of 3.5%)
    • ACH Bank Transfers will be available with a 1.5% fee (~4d settlement)
    • SEPA Direct Debits will be available with a 3.3% fee (if you desire being charged in EUR)
    • iDEAL will be available with a 2.8% fee (for our Netherlands folks!)
    • Cryptocurrency deposits will no longer be available :(
      • We hope to bring this back in the future... (still available for withdraws)
  • Withdraws (for sellers)
    • You will need to onboard with Stripe if you wish to withdraw in the future
      • Existing Payoneer/USDT will no longer be available
    • Crypto payouts will be available through Stripe via USDC on the Polygon ETH chain
      • There will be no gas fees for crypto payouts
    • Bank Transfer and Debit Card payouts will also be available through Stripe
      • There are no additional fees to withdraw through these methods besides the platform fee (no bank transfer fees)
      • Enjoy fast ~2d settlement for bank transfers
    • We will support over 115+ countries at launch, and hope to continue expanding this list going forward
      • We will automatically convert your payouts into your local currency (if needed) at competitive forex rates
      • Please check the list below to see if your country is supported

What do I need to do?

Probably nothing, but...

If you're a buyer on CSGOFloat you'll enjoy lower fees, more deposit options, and a more streamlined system.

If you're a seller on CSGOFloat, we'd ask you to please check the 115+ supported countries list below to make sure you're able to onboard with Stripe.

If your country is not supported for payouts, you can still sell skins and buy other skins with your balance– but you won't be able to payout your balance to your bank account, crypto wallet, or debit card. We'd ask you to withdraw before March 6 using existing methods if you do not wish to purchase skins with your current balance.


  • New deposit methods will be available starting on March 1 (previously was March 4)
  • Around 2 weeks or so afterwards, users will be able to onboard with Stripe for the new streamlined withdraw system
    • At this point, you'll no longer be able to withdraw using the old methods on the site
    • You should withdraw by March 6 if you do not wish to use the new system

Supported Payout Countries

If you're a seller on CSGOFloat, you'll be able to onboard with Stripe if you reside in the following countries. We hope to expand this country list in the future.

Each icon beside the country indicates supported payout methods (bank transfer, crypto, and debit card).

You can view a text version of this list here.

Onboarding with Stripe

We've coordinated with Stripe to bring a seamless onboarding experience that can get you up and running in less than 5 minutes!

As you onboard, you'll be asked for your country, name, and details for your chosen payout methods (bank transfer, crypto, or debit card where supported).

As you receive payouts, Stripe may dynamically request Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documentation (if you haven't already done so) that will typically be verified near-instantly.

We hope that this experience is much more enjoyable than the existing Payoneer flow.

The Future...

It's been quite a ride and we never thought we'd get to this point. We ❤️ all of you and hope to continue making positive changes to the platform in the future (and hopefully you think the same!).

Overall, this change will lower fees for you, make sure you have a great experience with payouts, and set us up for the next stage of CSGOFloat.

All we can say is that 2023 has only begun.


Step7750 & Perplex

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Supported Payout Countries (Text Version)

  • Albania (Bank Transfer)
  • Algeria (Bank Transfer)
  • Angola (Bank Transfer)
  • Antigua & Barbuda (Bank Transfer)
  • Argentina (Bank Transfer)
  • Armenia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Australia (Bank Transfer)
  • Austria (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Azerbaijan (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Bahamas (Bank Transfer)
  • Bahrain (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Bangladesh (Bank Transfer)
  • Belgium (Bank Transfer)
  • Benin (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Bhutan (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Bolivia (Bank Transfer)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Botswana (Bank Transfer)
  • Brunei (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Bulgaria (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Cambodia (Bank Transfer)
  • Canada (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Chile (Bank Transfer)
  • Colombia (Bank Transfer)
  • Costa Rica (Bank Transfer)
  • Croatia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Cyprus (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Czech Republic (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Côte d’Ivoire (Bank Transfer)
  • Denmark (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Dominican Republic (Bank Transfer)
  • Ecuador (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Egypt (Bank Transfer)
  • El Salvador (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Estonia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Ethiopia (Bank Transfer)
  • Finland (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • France (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Gabon (Bank Transfer)
  • Gambia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Germany (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Ghana (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Greece (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Guatemala (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Guyana (Bank Transfer)
  • Hong Kong SAR China (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Hungary (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Iceland (Bank Transfer)
  • India (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Indonesia (Bank Transfer)
  • Ireland (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Israel (Bank Transfer)
  • Italy (Bank Transfer)
  • Jamaica (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Japan (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Jordan (Bank Transfer)
  • Kenya (Bank Transfer)
  • Kuwait (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Latvia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Liechtenstein (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Lithuania (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Luxembourg (Bank Transfer)
  • Macao SAR China (Bank Transfer)
  • Madagascar (Bank Transfer)
  • Malaysia (Bank Transfer)
  • Malta (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Mauritius (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Mexico (Bank Transfer)
  • Moldova (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Montenegro (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Monaco (Bank Transfer)
  • Mongolia (Bank Transfer)
  • Morocco (Bank Transfer)
  • Namibia (Bank Transfer)
  • Netherlands (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • New Zealand (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Niger (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Nigeria (Bank Transfer)
  • North Macedonia (Bank Transfer)
  • Norway (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Oman (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Panama (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Paraguay (Bank Transfer)
  • Peru (Bank Transfer)
  • Philippines (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Poland (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Portugal (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Qatar (Bank Transfer)
  • Romania (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Rwanda (Bank Transfer)
  • Samoa (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • San Marino (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Saudi Arabia (Bank Transfer)
  • Senegal (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Serbia (Bank Transfer)
  • Singapore (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Slovakia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Slovenia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • South Africa (Bank Transfer)
  • South Korea (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Spain (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Sri Lanka (Bank Transfer)
  • St. Lucia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • St. Vincent & Grenadines (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Sweden (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Switzerland (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Taiwan (Bank Transfer)
  • Tanzania (Bank Transfer)
  • Thailand (Bank Transfer)
  • Trinidad & Tobago (Bank Transfer)
  • Tunisia (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • Turkey (Bank Transfer)
  • United Arab Emirates (Bank Transfer)
  • United Kingdom (Bank Transfer, Crypto)
  • United States (Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Crypto)
  • Uruguay (Bank Transfer)
  • Uzbekistan (Bank Transfer)
  • Vietnam (Bank Transfer)