We’re excited to show you what updates we’ve been working on for CSGOFloat over the last little while. Let’s get right into it…

Bargaining interface for offers

Bargaining allows you to make offers on listed items if the seller has it enabled. When you receive an offer as a seller, you can choose to decline, accept, or counter-offer. Likewise, if the buyer receives a counter-offer, they have the same set of actions. Items that can be bargained on will have a “Bargain” button next to the “Buy Now” button.

When you receive an offer, you’ll be notified by email and push notification if you have it enabled. Offers automatically expire after 24 hours and can be cancelled by the creator after 30 minutes.

If you are an existing seller, you’ll get a little prompt the next time you visit the site asking if you’d like to enable bargaining on your listings and what the max discount % off your listing price can be offered (to prevent spam offers).

Bargaining only applies to items listed for >$30

In your account, you can specify the max discount percentage that you allow buyers to offer off of your listing price. For example, if the max discount % is 15% in your profile and you have an AWP | Dragon Lore listed for $2000, then buyers can only offer as low as $1700.

You can also choose to override your default max discount % for a specific listing when you’re editing or creating a listing as shown above.


You can now withdraw your CSGOFloat balance through Payoneer in over 100 countries! There is a minimum $55 withdraw amount with only a $3 fee per payout.

You can visit the withdraw page of your account for more details on creating a Payoneer account or linking an existing one.

We hope you enjoy these updates and would love to hear your input on our Discord, Twitter, or Steam Group.

We’ve got more in the works :)