We’d like to preface this just to say how fortunate we are to have so many of you as users of CSGOFloat, whether it be FloatDB, Checker, or the Extension. We’re astonished that we have hundreds of thousands of users making billions of float requests and millions of database queries — this wouldn’t be possible without you ❤

In the last couple of months, we’ve been working very hard to completely revamp CSGOFloat to provide a unified experience, trade up calculator, and revolutionary market.

Today we’re releasing CSGOFloat Market — a Peer-to-Peer Real-Money CS:GO Market without API keys.

How It Works

To summarize the How It Works page, unlike other marketplaces, CSGOFloat operates on sellers directly sending purchased items to the buyer on Steam. When an item is sold and withdrawn, the item seller is notified to send it to the buyer on Steam within a certain time period. Once the buyer accepts the item, CSGOFloat automatically verifies the transaction took place and releases the purchase funds to the seller.

We have the unique ability of being able to verify whether any trade has been conducted on Steam between two participants without the use of API keys.

So what benefits does this provide?

Since you don’t need to send the item to a third-party bot in order to be listed, you can hold items in your Steam inventory while they are listed on CSGOFloat. Feel free to also list your item on sites like /r/GOTrade at the same time, we’ll remove your unsold listing automatically if it’s no longer in your Steam inventory. This also allows you to continue using your skins in-game on your account until the item is sold!

Additionally, there are no additional trade holds! None of the items you purchase on CSGOFloat Market have any trade holds associated with them.

You can find more details about the process on How It Works

Smart Buy Orders

We’ve also implemented a new completely new way to create buy orders — Smart Buy Orders.

Smart Buy Orders allow you to create your own custom conditions for our system to purchase skins automatically for you below a certain price, allowing you to specify exactly what type of item you want it to purchase for you.

Smart Buy Order Interface

Buy Orders are executed before an item is listed on the site, so you can be sure that a bot won’t snipe it from you.

You can place conditions on float value, stickers (with specific slot or quantity), skin type, rarity, paint seed, and more!

Trade Up Calculator

We’ve also implemented a fully-fledged trade up calculator that allows you to calculate the odds and float values of any trade up contract in CS:GO including using your own items!

This allows you to easily change the input items, float values, and switch between inventory items or any item in the game. It additionally provides data on the prices of each item on Steam Community Market with expected value, cost, and profit of the contract.


We’ve also unified FloatDB with the market and all other CSGOFloat tooling.

If an item is listed on CSGOFloat Market, it will now show the listing and price in the result of a FloatDB query.

We also now show the country flag of the Steam profile that owns the item, improved auto-complete searching for skins, and more! https://csgofloat.com/db


We’ve also added numerous updates to the extension!

The extension can now show float and paint seed information for items in the trade window. It also has been integrated with CSGOFloat Market, showing you if an item in another user’s inventory is listed on CSGOFloat and providing auto-fill capabilities for sellers to fill trades to buyers.

There’s been many more changes not detailed here that we’d encourage you to discover on csgofloat.com.

We’d again like to thank the hundreds of thousands of users that use our services, we wouldn’t be where we are without you.


Step7750 & Perplex

Co-Founders of CSGOFloat